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  • George Kodinos — or Codinus (Greek: Γεώργιος Κωδινός), also Pseudo Kodinos, kouropalates in the Byzantine court, is the reputed 14th century author of three extant works in late Byzantine literature. Their attribution to him is merely a matter of convenience, two …   Wikipedia

  • Venezianische Diplomatie — Gesandtenempfang in der Sala del Collegio des Dogenpalasts, Francesco Guardi, 1770 75 Der Schweizer Historiker Johannes von Müller (1752–1809) gilt als Entdecker der Relazioni der venezianischen Gesandten. Berühmt wurden sie jedoch erst durch die …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Domestic of the Schools — The Domestic of the Schools (Greek: δομέστικος τῶν σχολῶν, domestikos tōn scholōn) was a senior Byzantine military office, extant from the 8th century until at least the early 14th century. Originally simply the commander of the Scholai, the… …   Wikipedia

  • Vardariotai — Los Vardariotai (en griego: Βαρδαριῶται), a veces españolizado como Vardariotas, fueron un grupo étnico y territorial (probablemente de origen magiar) en el tardío Imperio Bizantino, que proporcionaron un regimiento de guardias de palacio durante …   Wikipedia Español

  • Despot (court title) — Despot (from Greek: δεσπότης, despotēs, lord, master ; in Bulgarian and Serbian: деспот, despot), was a senior Byzantine court title that was bestowed on the sons or sons in law of reigning emperors, and initially denoted the heir apparent. From… …   Wikipedia

  • Papias (Byzantine office) — The Papias (Greek: παπίας) was a eunuch official in the Byzantine court, responsible for the security and maintenance of the buildings of the imperial palace in Constantinople. Contents 1 History and role 2 Subordinate officials 3 References …   Wikipedia

  • Vestiaritai — The Vestiaritai (Greek: βεστιαρῖται, singular: βεστιαρίτης) were a corps of imperial bodyguards and fiscal officials in the Byzantine Empire, attested from the 11th to the 15th centuries. History and functions The vestiaritai appear in the mid… …   Wikipedia

  • Marine byzantine — L enseigne impériale (basilikon phlamoulon) des navires byzantins au XIVe siècle, décrite par Georges Kodinos et reproduite dans l’atlas castillan Conoscimento de todos los reinos (ca. 1350)[ …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Stratopedarches — Stratopedarchēs (Greek: στρατοπεδάρχης, master of the camp ), sometimes Anglicized as stratopedarch, was a Greek term used with regard to high ranking military commanders from the 1st century BC on, becoming a proper office and later an honorary… …   Wikipedia

  • Drungarios — A droungarios, also spelled drungarios ( el. δρουγγάριος, la. drungarius) or, in its English form, drungary, was a military rank of the late Roman and Byzantine Empires. History and use Late Roman and Byzantine army The term drungus is first… …   Wikipedia

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